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    Water Air Purifiers

Model: O3C1

Product Name:
hot tub fittings-jacuzzi accessories-spa ozone generator-hot tub ozonators water ozonizer-ozonizers

Item: spa ozone generator - ozonizers  

Model : O3C1

Voltage: AC12V 0.75A 8W   (DC 12V - requirement)           Volume:750mA(MAX)

Net Weight: 600g

Using area : spa ozone generator for bathtub and Jacuzzi , hot tub ozonators for hot tub water maintenance , air ozonators for commercial steam sauna room , towel disinfecting cabinet , shoes disinfecting cabinet , aquarium ozonizer .

spa ozone generator complete included:

ozonizer , 1M function wire , plastic non-return valve , ( Option: flexible rubber pipe )

                               spa ozone generator cheap ozone generator

                                  water air purifiers  spa ozone generator cheap ozone generator

This ozonizers produce ozone in pump style ,voltage normal for AC12V with 1m function wire connect with control system like spa control system , jacuzzi control , steam bath control, it normal use in spa area like jacuzzi ,steam cabin , steam shower room or spa hot tub .

A)  spa ozone generator produce ozone use for steam bath room or home steam shower room ,it can for air ozonators to deodorize and sterilize the air . This air ozonators connect with our steam bath control , it will auto star to work for 10minutes when the system off .

B)  spa ozone generator produce ozone use for Jacuzzi , bathtub , hydromassage bath or spa hot tub . it can for water ozonizer for water disinfects and sterilize . This water ozonizer connect with our Jacuzzi control ,its working control by manual ,but automatic shut down after 10minutes.

C)  Vegetable and meat washing

D)  Others:  aquarium ozonizer 

   water air purifiers installation sizewater air purifiers installation size

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