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    Steam Bath Generator

Model: Boiler water sensor

Product Name:
Boiler Water Level Probes | Water Tank Level Sensor
Steam Bath Generator Boiler Tank Accessory
Water Boiler Tank Water level probes

Item: Steam bath generator water tank water level detectors

The set of water level probes with 3 probes, they are water tank level sensor for detect high and low level of the water. probes are made of stainless steel.With the water tank level sensor it can against buring when water inside the tank is empty. Low and high water level signal feed back to your steam bath system, then system give operation instruction to the water magnetic solenoid for water input or draining .

Furthermore this water level probes base for steam bath generator water boiler tank, inside the boiler the fluid must be clean water, and scale will be cover on the probes after long time running, you need to clean it frequency.

We thank it may not only for steam generator boiler tank water level probes, other fluid can work as well, for more improvement please contact us.

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