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    Steam Bath Generator

Model: 2set generators in 1 system

Product Name:
steam generator for steam room-steam room steam generator-steam sauna generator home steam generator

Item: Commercial steam sauna generator with 2set steam bath generators

(steam bath system with 2set steam room generators for commercial steam bath area)

Power : From 3KW to 18KW  ,                                       Voltage : 220V/1PH , 380V / 3PH

Function and Use area:

Commercial steam bath system mainly for commercial area .

The control panel control the first on work steambath generator to produce hot steam for the steam room ,when the first on work steam bath generator have problems , you can turn on the second stand by steambath generator to keep the steam room still operation , for this time you can have more time to repair the first unwork steambath generator .

steam bath system with 2set steam room generators for commercial steam bath area
steam bath system with 2set steam room generators for commercial steam bath area


This Commercial steam generators with two easy touch control panel for choose

1. GS108 Easy touch keypad , two digital tube display windows .

Light (AC12V/36W) , Steam time setting and Temperature setting ,

Steam time setting have two version 1: 1 to 99 hours  or  version 2: 1 to 199 hours

Discharge Fan (AC12V) , 

2. MK117 Easy touch keypad , STN white-in-blue screen .

Light (AC12V/36W) , Steam time setting and Temperature setting , Remote control

Discharge Fan (AC12V) ,  Telephone answer (MOTOROLA chips) ,

Radio and MP3 , Ozone , alarm , keypad locked and unlocked

The normal steam room generators is 3-18KW, this Commercial steam generators 24KW needs order . We also accept steam room generators OEM development and production ,new function like steam room generators water tank automatic descale and cleaning function , Audio input to adapt ipod , iphone , smart phone ,USB device adapt mp3 audio input , aroma therapy aroma pump control and time setting , chromotherapy and lighting for commercial steam room , two steam room generators install into one steam bath system for commercial using area .

Safety of our steam bath generator

1.Steamcore Boiler tanks uses #304 stainless steel to avoid oxidization and corrosion.

2. PCB board with overheat protection.

3. Use three levels of water sensors (stainless steel probes).

4. Insulation material for fireproofing safety

5. When danger occur the alarm are on , if the danger does not dissolve the system will be shut down automatic.

Durability of our steam bath generator

1. Insulation material used to insulate the boiler tank making the machine more efficient and keeping the exterior body of the unit cool to touch.

2. Auto drain ( Auto Flush )

3. The outside shell is rust proof zinc material or #304 stainless steel

4. The outside body is for air circulation structure

Value of our steam bath system

1. Lifetime guarantee give you and your client more value

2. Steam bath accessories can be options for your order.

3. Functions/ Features can be custom-made ,Our R&D team can give you a good solution for your market needs .

4. Steam bath system can be OEM with your company design LOGO and company information on the package ..

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