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    Water Air Purifiers

Model: UVL1

Product Name:
ultraviolet water sterilizer-spa water treatment-hot tub water treatment-hot tub fittings

Item: UV disinfection system - water disinfection systems 

Model : UVL1            ( shape - Cartridge )

Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz                               Input :0.145A                          Output:16W

UV light water disinfection volume : 1.5 Tone/Hour

(Remark: produce UV-C , One set for ultraviolet water disinfection <2 CBM ,for more CBM please add more device)

This UV disinfection system can for :

Swimming pool disinfection 

Hot tub water maintenance

UV water disinfection

UV water purification

Two person bath tub (or over two persons)

UV disinfection system its UV light bulb produce UV-C rays penetrate the cells of harmful bacteria and viruses in the water, destroying their ability to reproduce. Without this ability, these organisms die and no longer pose a health threat. It is a simple but very effective process, with the system destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, yeast, and oocysts like cryptosporidium and giardia ).

Advantage for using ultraviolet water disinfection

1) Most importantly, it does not introduce any chemicals to the water, it produces no bi-products, and it does not alter the taste, pH, or other properties of the water.

2) Accordingly, in addition to water disinfection, it is not harmful to your plumbing and septic system.

3) Further, it is easy and cost-effective to install and maintain without any special training.

4) one of the few affordable technologies for the home that effectively kills the majority of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

5) energy efficient , 16watt light bulb for about 1.5tone water ,low cost for swimming pool water disinfection , hot tub water treatment , spa water maintenance .

Advantage for using ultraviolet water disinfection in hot tub , pool and spa

1) Safety and reliable

We normal use ozone ,but it have bad smelling and no good for human body ,so when for water disinfection human have to be get away , and uv water disinfection only install the device in water channel ,its away from human when it working and the physical property give no harm to human body .

2) More effective than chlorine and zone

   UV water disinfection more effective for killing bacteria, viruses and parasite

3) Easy maintenance and lower cost

 If you using water ozonizer in SPA hot tub for spa water maintenance ,you need to change it in about 1-2years , If you using uv light water disinfection , if your SPA hot tub work 12hours every day , you can change the UV light bulb after 2years. ,and its replacement is very easy for every one.

4) Noise none

Any kind of ozonizers have noise when it working , but uv water disinfection system get no noise .

5) Long time using

For other water disinfection system peoples need to get away when water disinfection system is working ,but like SPA hot tub , pool and SPA area these long time running entertainment , the UV water disinfection system can running all day .

UV disinfection system maintenance requirements :

A)    UV lamp (light bulb) change after 8000-9000 hours .

( Remark: UV lamp performance, just like any other light source, will slowly diminish over time. Beyond one year (24hoursX365day about 8000-9000hours), there is no assurance that the UV light emitted from the bulb will provide sufficient disinfection. Remember, UV light cannot be seen. The bulb may still produce light, but not necessarily UV rays )

B)    The quartz sleeve does not need replacement unless it gets broken, however, it should be cleaned several times per year (outside only).

C) Body of the disinfection device can not be frozen.Its working temperature 2-40(36-104).

Pool and SPA UV water disinfection system installation

1) Model : UVL1 --- Shape : Cartridge

Power supply from your pool and spa control system . Stainless steel 304 body with the U shape plastic installation holder , two small hole for water inlet and outlet ,then install into water cycle channel .

2) Model : UVL2 --- Shape : L

Power supply from your pool and spa control system . Stainless steel 304 body install above the pumping and install into the water cycle channel .

UV disinfection system - water disinfection systems included:

Control box with control cable and power cable , Stainless steel 304 cartridge (with 2pcs U shape plastic installation holder), UV lamp (light bulb) , sleeve

uv light water disinfection

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