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    Jacuzzi Control

Model: SP04

Product Name:
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    Item: bathtub systems -
spa bath pump control

    Model :SP04

    Voltage: 110-120V/220-240V

    Features:  Jacuzzi water pumps control ,

                      Bubble spa bath control

    Blower speed control 

    Bubble spa bath with ‘interval’ working mode

    Bathtub water blow dry jets and pipes

    Water-level control water sensor (first -protect spa bath pump ,Normal)

                                                    (second - automatic blow dry , *option)

                      All pumping will be automatic turn off after 45minutes .

Normal Included:

Jacuzzi control panel - Easy touch key (dia.60mm)

                                Control box with plug

                                Wires and cables

              Water sensor (first -protect spa bath pump ,Normal)

                                    (second - automatic blow dry , *option)

                                Bathtub lights, or jacuzzi accessories you may needs (*option)

Bathtub systems - spa bath pump control Working and programs :

A) To turn on the system by touch any keys .

B) Jacuzzi water pumps can not work if the water sensor detect the bathtub do not have enough water or the water level under the setting level , then the key will be flash .

C) The first touch for bubble spa bath normal working mode

   The second touch 2seconds for ‘interval’ working mode ---blower speed will work in step by step cycle

D) Blower speed control

   Touch the ‘speed’ key then touch ‘+’or ’-’ for up and down blower speed setting.

   Touch the ‘speed’ key again to confirm this speed setting

E) All pumping will be automatic turn off after 45minutes .

F) Touch the ‘dry’ key for over 2seconds to turn on bathtub water blow dry jets and pipes function ,

The spotlight of this tub controls with Euro popular water blow dry function and Bubble spa bath ‘interval’ working mode . This system can for automatic or manual water blow dry function ,it depends on your requirements .For automatic blow dry function better with two pieces water sensor ,one for water level control the other for detect water in the bathtub drain out .

We are specialize in OEM production and project development, and we can not show all of our existent tub controls on the website , for further requirement please contact us.

Capability & Feature

Voltage rating

AC 230 V~110V



Rating electricity

9-15 A

Rating     Power


Insulating resistance

> 20  M

Electricity leakage protection device

(15 ~ 30)mA

Waterproof grade


Rating Onload parameter






Hydro massage pump

AC 230 V~110V




Spa air pump

AC 230 V~110V




Water sensor





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