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    Aroma System

Model: A01

Product Name:
aroma system

Item :aroma system
Use area: steam aromatherapy electric diffuser use together with steam bath generator
Voltage: 220V

Package included : one key soft touch control panel , control box , function wires, pipes , T-connection copper valve , aroma fluid tank

Installation / working principle:
Our T-connection copper valve with small spray inside , you only need to connect it with your steam pipe ,then turn on the system and the steam bath generator, the aroma pump take and spray the aroma fluid inside the steam pipe ,and use the steam heat to mix and take the aroma steam into the steam room
Steam aromatherapy you can take few drop of essential oil into pure water (1-2drops for 100ml pure water) for different body treatment and skin care

Our aroma system advantage
1. It’s a separate system , you can use this system for your existing steam room
2. Easy install , just connect with steam pipe ,do not have much construction

aroma pump install diagram

aroma pump install diagram

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