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    Jacuzzi Control

Model: SF4

Product Name:
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Item : jacuzzi system - bathtub system - jacuzzi control panel

Model : SF4

Voltage : AC110-120V / AC220-240V

Features :

                    Water hydro massage - spa water pump  (1-2HP)

                    SPA light controls                                         (AC12V)

                    Easy touch panel --- keypad with background color light

                    Keypad locked and unlocked

                    Water pump with water level control (sensor or probe available)

                    Auto start SPA ozone generator after system off  (option)


Package normal included :

                       jacuzzi control panel   (size:119x37mm)

                       Control box with plug

                       Wires and cables

                       Bathtub water sensor or water probe


Jacuzzi spa parts acrylic bath systems control program profile

A) Bathtub system is on , when key without function its background light is in blue . when function is on the background light turns red .

B) The keypad will be locked when system on and without keypad operation within one minute. Touch the unlocked key for 3seconds to unlocked .

C) Hydro massage jacuzzi water pump is control by water level , when system detect water is not enough or bathtub without water , this hydro massage key will flash .

D) Bathtub underwater bath light with on/off control .

E) Auto start SPA ozone generator after system off for 10minutes , disconnect device when you do not need this function .

                                  Jacuzzi control panel when power on
                                                Jacuzzi control panel when power on

               (If our jacuzzi system can not cover all your needs or you have special develop requirements please contact us )
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