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    Jacuzzi Control

Model: ST5

Product Name:
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Item : jacuzzi system - jacuzzi spa parts - acrylic bath systems - jacuzzi control

Model : ST5

Voltage : AC110-120V / AC220-240V

Features :

                   Water hydro massage     (1-2HP)

                   Jacuzzi spa bubble bath  (0.5HP/400W)

 Bathtub water heater       (2KW)
                   SPA underwater bath light controls        (AC12V)

                   Easy touch panel --- keypad with background color light

                   Keypad locked and unlocked

                   Water pump with water level control (sensor or probe available)

                   Auto start Ozone after system off  (option)


Package normal included :

            Jacuzzi control panel   (size:119x37mm)

            Control box with plug

            Wires and cables

            Bathtub water sensor or water probe


Jacuzzi spa parts jacuzzi system control program profile

A) Bathtub system is on , when key without function its background light is in blue . when function is on the background light turns red .

B) The keypad will be locked when system on and without keypad operation within one minute. Touch the system on/off key for 3seconds to unlocked .

   When system is on long touch on/off key is for turn off the acrylic bath systems .

C) Hydro massage water pump is control by water level , when system detect water is not enough or bathtub without water , this hydro massage key will flash .

D) Air bubble bath blower pump does not control by water level . you can even for blow dry the water inside the pipes after use the bahtub .

E) Bathtub water heater work together with jacuzzi water pump .

F) Bathtub underwater bath light with on/off control .


(If our jacuzzi system can not cover all your needs , or you have special develop requirements please contact us )

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