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    SPA Control System

Model: MKL85

Product Name:
spa control system-spa side control-spa topside control hot tub controller

Item : spa control system - spa side control - spa topside control 

Model: MKL85  

Voltage available: 110~120V / 220V~240V / 380V


SPA control system features:

Hot tub water heaters  1pcs X 3KW                   (option up to 2pcs X 3KW)

Hot tub water pumps   2pcs X 3HP (2250W)      (option up to 4pcs X 3KW)

Hot tub water recycle pump  1pcs X 1HP (800W)      (option up to 1pcs X 2HP)

Hot tub air pump                                                   1pcs X 1HP (800W)

Audio or video device power supply                     1pcs X 400W (220V)

Hot tub lighting                                                     AC12V / 20W

Hot tub ozonator                                                  AC12V / 10W      (option:AC220V)

Hot tub speakers                                                  1-2pcs  20W


SPA control system features:

1)  SPA thermostats temperature Fahrenheit and Centigrade switch and setting .

2)  SPA water purify and disinfection circles - working time and interval time setting .

        At the beginning of each cleaning cycle , all the device will work for 30seconds for cleaning , the hot tub water maintenance device like hot tub ozonator stop 5minutes for each 20minutes .

3)     Water Anti-frozen pumping protection .

When water temperature lower than 44F/6.7C this function will start , all the pump will work

For 30seconds , Hot tub water heaters and hot tub water recycle pump will work untill the temperature to 45F/7.2C .

4)  SPA control system time setting

5)  Hot tub water pumps up to 4pcs X 3HP , control by 2keys . Auto stop after 30minutes .

    All the pumps with leak of water pumping protection . 

6)  Hot tub air pump auto stop after 25minutes .

7)  The external AUX device auto stop after 30minutes .

8)  Hot tub lighting color changing

9)  Screen with system alarm signal display when failure .

10)  Waterproof grade: IPX5 

11)  The water TEMP probe integrate with hot tub water heaters so the complete system with this device also .

12)  SPA hot tub filtration systems filter circles - working time and interval time setting .

          ( Its only for hot tub filtration , means only hot tub water recycle pump work ) 

13)  3 Working mode :Standard , Economy , Sleep .

14)  The following parts with overload electric current protection ---

 hot tub lighting , hot tub ozonator , hot tub water recycle pump



hot tub controller --- Soft touch keypad ( 9keys ) ,size 200 x 100 mm

                                                                             Installation size 167 x 71 mm


spa control system included :

            Soft touch hot tub controller

            Hot tub control box  (1pcs)

            Hot tub water heaters integrate with water TEMP probes      option :1KW/1.5KW/2KW

                            ( 800 stainless steel  IPX7  3KW , with over heat protection ) 

  Wires and cables

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