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    SPA Control System

Model: MKL83

Product Name:
spa control system-spa side control-spa topside control

Item : spa control system - spa side control - spa topside control 

Model: MKL83

Voltage available: 110~120V / 220V~240V / 380V

SPA control system features:

Hot tub water heaters  1pcs X 6KW (AC220V) / 1pcs X 3KW (AC110V)

Hot tub water pumps   3pcs X 3 HP (2250W)

Hot tub water recycle pump  1pcs X 1 HP

Hot tub air pump    1pcs X 1 HP

Hot tub lighting      AC12V / 10W

Hot tub ozonator     AC12V / 15W    (option AC220V)

Hot tub speakers     1-2pcs  20W

SPA control system features:

1) Hot tub water heaters  power consumption Maximum 6KW  (1~2pcs hot tub water heaters)
2) Heating pre-setting , water TEMP display and TEMP setting.
3) 2pcs
hot tub water pumps (Maximum for 3pcs)

4) 1pcs water recycle pump ,

5) 1pcs hot tub air pump .
4) Hot tub lighting color changing and fixed
Hot tub ozone hot tub ozonator switch
6) Volume display with 87steps volume adjustment.
7) CD audio input (also can for DVD or TV),
8) FM ,Radio frequency display, can storage 10 channels.
9) Water recycle cleaning ,with time setting and daily time setting.
10) 24 hours time display and setting
11) All the setting with storage when spa control system without power supply.
12) Fahrenheit and Celsius switch.
13) Water Anti-frozen,
hot tub water heaters auto heat when spa control system detect under 5degree
14) Keypad with background light.
15) Keypad locked/unlocked.
16) Voltage 110~220VAC , 220V-240VAC or 380VAC

17) Waterproof grade: IPX5 

hot tub controller --- soft touch keypad (16keys ) ,size 206x99mm

                                    Installation size : 190x83mm

        Hot tub controller 3water pumps 1water recycle pume and 1air pump
          Hot tub controller with STN screen adapt 3water pumps 1water recycle pume and 1air pump

spa control system included :

                 Soft touch hot tub controller

                 hot tub control box  (1meter cable)

                 hot tub water probes

                 water TEMP probe

                 Wires and cables

hot tub fittings spa side control its the main part for build a spa hot tub . and it also can be a hot tub spare parts for hot tub spa repair . It can connect with different hot tub thermostat , then the spa control system feedback with hot tub troubleshooting code , this can be easy for you to know what happen with your SPA. then you can maintenance the hot tub electrical as soon as possible . it design for professional SPA hot tub use area ,like with auto heat and pumping protection , auto running water recycle cleaning for daily . Is very easy to use , even children can make the setting easily .hardware design easy to maintenance your SPA hot tub .

The panel is a potted mould that is 100% confidence that the water can not get inside . We have different hot tub fittings spa accessory for you to choose. like hot tub thermostat ( electric heating coil : stainless steel #800 or SiN ), hot tub water pumps , hot tub air pump, hot tub ozonator , hot tub jet parts , hot tub lighting and hot tub water maintenance etc..

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